Allan Loucks - Composer

Allan Loucks is an award-winning composer whose hundreds of orchestral and choral works have been heard nationwide in computer games, educational software packages, live theater productions, film, TV commercials, books, websites, dance, sacred music, experimental works, and the concert hall.

Using his extensive experience in story-telling through instrumental music, Loucks makes the music become part of a plot's dramatic structure, as well as using the music to complement and enhance the other media involved in the project.

Loucks' background and experience has also allowed him to constantly innovate and develop new approaches, methods, and concepts.

Being an active composer and musician in the music scene for many years, he has served several composer residencies, and has toured North America full-time as concert pianist and multi-keyboardist in a variety of bands and orchestras. Currently, Loucks can also be found sitting in with choirs, bands, orchestras, and as a studio musician, for various performing and recording projects.